Ekin splitting with Yoyo over her gambling habit?

Hong Kong singer-actor Ekin Cheng’s recent return to the music industry after years of semi-retirement took many by surprise; but what is even more shocking is the reason behind his comeback… he is going broke.

Hong Kong celebrity couple Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung

According to a Hong Kong magazine, Cheng’s actress girlfriend Yoyo Mung’s compulsive gambling and her penchant for high-risk investments had almost wiped out his savings during the recent economic downturn.

And this is also threatening to break up the couple of three years.

According to Cheng’s close friends, a break-up was on the cards long ago, but Yoyo was persistent and swore that she would quit gambling, and Ekin tends to be more hesitant and that’s why they are still in the relationship.


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