Hong Kong Film Awards 2009

Winners of the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards…

Best film – Ip Man
Best director – Ann Hui (The Way We Are)
Best screenplay – Lou Shiu Wa (The Way We Are)

Best actor – Nick Cheung (The Beast Stalker)
Best actress – Paw Hee Ching (The Way We Are)
Best supporting actor – Liu Kai Chi (The Beast Stalker)
Best supporting actress – Chan Lai Wun (The Way We Are)
Best new performer – Xu Jiao (CJ 7)

Best cinematography – Arthur Wong (Painted Skin)
Best film editing – Yau Chi Wai (Connected)
Best art direction – Tim Yip (Red Cliff)
Best costume make up design – Tim Yip (Red Cliff)

Best action choreography – Sammo Hung & Leung Siu Hung (Ip Man)
Best sound design – Wu Jiang & Roger Savage (Red Cliff)
Best visual effects – Craig Hayes (Red Cliff)

Best original film score – Taro Iwashiro (Red Cliff)
Best original film song – Painted Heart (Painted Skin)
Best new director – Derek Kwok (The Moss)

Best Asian film – Assembly
Professional achievement award – Ding Yu
Lifetime achievement award – Josephine Siao


Zhao Wei to star as Mulan

Chinese actress Zhao Wei is starring as Mulan, a folk heroine who joined the army replacing her aging father. Zhao Wei will star alongside actor Chen Kun and child actress Xu Jiao in the movie directed by Jingle Ma. The cast met the press in Beijing last week for the announcement…

Chinese actress Vicki Zhao

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