Wonder Girls’ Sunye wedding photos

Wedding photos of Korean girl group Wonder Girls’ Sunye who got married on January 26. Congratulations.

Wonder Girls Sunye wedding

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Wonder Girls are back with Wonder World

Korean pop group Wonder Girls are back with a new album, Wonder World, on November 7th. Below are the album’s concept photos and also music video of its title song, Be My Baby.

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Wonder Girls with 2 Different Tears

Korean pop group Wonder Girls have released three language versions of their latest single 2 Different Tears. Below is the English music video.

Wonder Girls to release new English EP

K-pop group Wonder Girls will release an English EP 2 Different Tears on May 15, featuring new single 2 Different Tears and previous hit songs.

Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears EP

Wonder Girls’ 3rd year anniversary

An official video of Wonder Girls’ 3rd anniversary celebration was released on February 16.

This could be the last video with all the current members seen together with Mimi (on the right) leaving the group to pursue her study next month.