Vivian and Jackie in Los Angeles

Taiwanese artist Vivian Hsu met with international action star Jackie Chan in a dinner at Los Angeles. Vivian is taking a short English course the US while Jackie is filming Rush Hour 3.

Vivian Hsu and Jackie Chan

Vivian Hsu as spokesperson for Biotherm

Vivian Hsu has extended her contract as the spokesperson for skincare brand Biotherm to endorse their products in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Taiwanese artist Vivian Hsu

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Vivian Hsu promotes album in Shanghai

Taiwanese artist Vivian Hsu recovers from her eye illness and continues with her Vivi and… album promotion in Shanghai.

Taiwan artist Vivian Hsu in Shanghai

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Vivian Hsu recovering from eye illness

Taiwan artist Vivian HsuTaiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu is recovering from her eye illness.

Vivian found herself in huge pain last Sunday and thought that she was getting blind; luckily she’s diagnosed with minor problems and is getting better.

Vivian has to postpone series of album promotion in China because of the problem.