Vivian Hsu on Women’s Health

Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu is featured on the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine.

Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu on Women Health magazine

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Vivian Hsu filmed MV in Korea for Gavy NJ

Taiwanese star Vivian Hsu was in Seoul to shoot a music video for Korean girl group Gavy NJ’s new song, Life

Taiwan artist Vivian Hsu film MV in Seoul

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Vivian Hsu signs for new companies

Taiwanese star Vivian Hsu has sign contracts with 2 companies in China to expand her entertainment career.

Vivian Hsu signs contract

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Kim Jeong-hoon and Vivian Hsu in new drama

Korean actor Kim Jeong-hoon is starring with Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu in their latest drama Love Strategy. Both of the stars were interviewed in Shanghai as they are attending the Shanghai Film Festival…

Kim Jeong-hoon and Vivian Hsu promote Love Strategy

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Vivian Hsu promotes skincare product

Taiwanese artist Vivian Hsu attended an event in Taipei to endorse a skincare product on Saturday (June 1).

Taiwanese artist Vivian Hsu endorsing product in Taipei

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