War of the Red Cliff poster

The first official poster for Chinese movie “War of Red Cliff” was released to the press last week. Directed by John Woo and starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Vicki Zhao and Lin Chi Ling etc., the movie is highly anticipated in China and across Asia.

Movie poster for War of the Red Cliff

[Image credits to Sina.com]

Vicki Zhao joining all-star cast of Red Cliff

China actress Vicki Zhao Wei and veteran actor Zhang Fengyi have both confirmed to star in Hong Kong director John Woo’s epic wartime movie, The Battle of the Red Cliff.

China actress Vicki Zhao

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Vicki Zhao in love with Olympic gold medalist?

China artist Vicki Zhao was caught in picture with China ping pong star Wang Liqing.

Vicki Zhao and Wang Liqing

The press speculated that the couple has been together for almost 6 months. Vicki’s agent however denied the rumor, stating that they are just good friends and know each other since 2000 in a post-Olympic celebration (Wang Liqin was a gold medalist in that Olympic).

[Image credits to sina.com.cn]

Vicki Zhao to become a lecturer?

Chinese artist Vicki ZhaoChina actress Vicki Zhao has expressed that she is considering teaching in Beijing Film Academy after her graduation from the master degree course she is studying now.

Speaking to the press, Vicki said that she enjoyed her current lifestyle as a research student, which is more organized and healthier. Vicki also said that she’s being a good student and never missed a class since her enrolment in September 2006.

Vicki will not be the first high profile artist to teach in Beijing Film Academy; the most recent is actress-director Xu Jinglei, who has a short stint as a lecturer. Vicki however has no intention to become a director like Xu; she said that she felt more comfortable as an actress.

Vicki Zhao studying

A magazine published some photos of Chinese artist Vicki Zhao studying in a library. Vicki is currently busy working on her master degree.

Vicki Zhao studying in Beijing university