Aya Ueto acknowledges relationship with Go Morita

Japanese star Aya Ueto has acknowledged her relationship with Go Morita from pop group V6.

Aya Ueto and Go Morita

Ueto was at the press conference for AOKI’s new CM for their latest line of machine-washable suits. When asked if she was happily in love, she replied, “Yes! I’m in a good relationship”, answering the reporter’s question without hesitation.

The couple met in April 2001 while acting as siblings in the drama Yome wa Mitsuboshi. In December 2002 rumours of their relationship first surfaced in a tabloid.

Although their respective management agencies never confirmed if they were dating, reports of their relationship were reignited last month after they were photographed on White Day by a magazine.

She was asked “Did you have a good White Day?” to which she replied shyly but happily, “Yes I did, I had fun.” This is the first time she has admitted that she is rumored to be in a relationship with Morita.