Music Bank in Tokyo K-POP Festival

Korean music station KBS has held a special Music Bank Festival in Tokyo, Japan, on July 23. The concert featured K-pop stars like TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Kara, IU, Secret, Rainbow and Beast etc.

TVXQ at Music Bank in Tokyo K-Pop Festival

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TVXQ’s Xiah, Micky, Hero form new group

Korean boy band TVXQ members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, currently embroiled in a legal battle with their agency SM Entertainment, have formed a separate group through which they will pursue their singing careers in Japan.

TVXQ Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu

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TVXQ in contract dispute and disband rumors

Popular Korean pop group TVXQ is caught in disband rumors following a lawsuit against their agency SM Entertainment by three of the members.

Korean boys group TVXQ

Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun have filed a lawsuit on July 31 to demand SM to dissolve some of the unfair contract terms which prohibited them to pursue their side career.

The trio are working with a company to launch their own comestic line, which was objected by SM. And there’s other unfair terms which prompted them to file the lawsuit.

It’s generally believe that a compromise will be reached in the end, but if things are not going well… it might signal the end of the TVXQ as a group.

It’s unsure what the other two members are thinking about this issue; there are reports that there are two regime in the group now, but there are also reports that Yunho and Changmin are supportive of the lawsuit.

TVXQ Yunho making drama debut

Yunho of Korean pop group TVXQ is making his drama debut in Heading The Ground (tentative title) where he’s starring as a football player aiming at playing for the national team.

The drama has started filming recently and will show on MBC soon…

Korean singer TVXQ Yunho

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Koda Kumi to work with TVXQ

Japanese pop star Koda Kumi will work with Korean boyband TVXQ in her next single, Last Angel.

The idea of working together first emerged when both parties met in last year’s Asia Song Festival. Last Angel will be Koda Kumi’s 38th single, and will be used as Japanese theme song for movie “Resident Evil: Extinction”, which is set to premiere in November 2007.