Tony Leung Silent War

Photo teasers for Hong Kong actor Tony Leung’s upcoming movie, The Silent War – a post World War II Shanghai based spy thriller.

Tony Leung Silent War

Tony Leung Silent War

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50 most beautiful people in China 2008

China actress Zhang ZiyiThe Beijing News has released its 4th annual 50 most beautiful people in China list.

The top 10 are…

1. Zhang Ziyi
2. Tony Leung
3. Zhou Xun
4. Zhang Hanyu
5. Guo Jingjing
6. Li Bingbing
7. Zhang Guoli
8. Vicki Zhao
9. Sun Honglei
10. Kitty Zhang

Tony and Carina to get married in October

Hong Kong celebrity couple Tony Leung and Carina Lau are going to marry this October according to media speculations. It’s reported that the couple is sending out wedding invitations since last Friday to their friends and relatives.

Tony Leung and Carina Lau

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War of the Red Cliff poster

The first official poster for Chinese movie “War of Red Cliff” was released to the press last week. Directed by John Woo and starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Vicki Zhao and Lin Chi Ling etc., the movie is highly anticipated in China and across Asia.

Movie poster for War of the Red Cliff

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Tony and Carina to tie the knot soon?

One of the most celebrated Chinese celebrity couples, Tony Leung (pic) and Carina Lau, is rumored to be getting married soon.

Hong Kong actor Tony Leung

The couple has been in relationship for almost 2 decades, and rumours about their marriage (and sometimes breakup) have appeared every now and then.

Their marriage could be a reality this round though, as both of them have shared the same thoughts with the press that they might be getting married soon… they normally denied the rumours in the past.