Sonija Kwok blamed for Michael Tao’s divorce

Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok was rumoured to be the key factor that ended actor Michael Tao’s marriage.

Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok

It’s said that Michael’s ex-wife has told her friend that Sonija was the ‘culprit’. Some press speculated that the marriage was falling apart when Michael and Sonija were filming a TV series a while ago.

Both Michael and Sonija have denied the rumour, but Sonija is pulled out from a current project because of the sensitive issue involved.

Poor Sonija, she’s not guilty until proven… at the moment she’s just another victim.

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TVB stars to judge pageant contest

The 2007 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place on Saturday in Foshan and the twenty-one contestants met the judges for the first time yesterday.

Hong Kong actors Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Steven Ma and Charmaine Sheh

The panel will include TVB artists Charmaine Sheh, Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok. They all said that they will not show any favouritism towards the Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan and will score fairly.

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