Shin Se-kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun are dating

Korean actress Shin Se-kyung and pop group SHINee’s member Jonghyun are confirmed to be dating.

Korean celebrity couple Shin Se-kyung and Kim Jong-hyun

The romance was unveiled by paparazzi recently and the couple’s agencies have confirmed the relationship. But there’s some over-fanatical SHINee fans who voiced their disapproval of the coupling and prompted the actress to shut down her homepage due to abusive comments.

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SHINee release Lucifer MV

Korean boy band SHINee has released an MV for their new song Lucifer.

K-pop idols graduate from high school

A handful of young Korean pop idols – including Minho and Key of SHINee, Dongho of U-Kiss and Lee Jung-shin of CNBLUE – graduated from their high/middle schools earlier this month.

Korean pop star Choi Minho from SHINee

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SM Global Audition 2009: star messages

Messages from Korean pop groups Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Suju-M and f(x) encouraging people to participate in the SM Global Audition 2009.

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SHINee plays Romeo meets Juliet

Korean boyband SHINee held an outing in the busy streets of Seoul, handling out flowers for their Juliet as part of the promotional campaign for their new mini-album, Romeo

'Korean pop group SHINee

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