Rainie Yang giving free kisses

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang was giving free kisses to her fans… too bad, kids or girls only.

Rainie Yang kissing fan

[Image credits to Tom.com]

Rainie Yang endorses fast food chain

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang wore a ‘sexy’ outfit to endorse an international fast food chain (you know what the brand is obviously)…

Rainie Yang endorses fastfood chain

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Spider Lilies: Rainie and Isabella kisses

Lesbian themed Spider Lilies is one of the most anticipated Taiwan movies of the year, starring young idols Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong.

Taiwan movies Spider Lilies

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Rainie Yang recorded last episode for Guess show

Taiwanese artist Rainie Yang recorded her last episode for popular variety show Guess, Guess, Guess, which she co-hosted with Jacky Wu and A-Ya since 2002.


A-Ya has just left a couple months ago to further study in US; and now Rainie is leaving to focus on her busy acting and music career; Jacky Wu will find it hard to replace the duo.

Rainie Yang in Taipei for Sonia branch opening

Taiwan artist Rainie Yang was invited for the opening of Sonia outlet in Taipei last week (November 17).

Taiwan artist Rainie Yang in Taipei

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