Rain unveils MBLAQ new pop group

Korean pop star Rain has unveiled his latest project on NYLON magazine – a new five-member boys group called MBLAQ.

Korean pop group MBLAQ

The group is set to release their debut single in mid-October.

Rain’s Ninja Assassin movie trailer

Korean pop star Rain’s 2nd attempt at Hollywood; this time as the leading man in Ninja Assassin.

Rain’s fans celebrate 7th debut anniversary

Korean pop star Rain’s Hong Kong (and Chinese) fans celebrated the pop star 7th debut anniversary by putting up advertisements on newspapers to congratulate Rain.

Korean pop star Rain

Rain released his first single in April 2002. The fans thank the star for touching their hearts all these years and promised to always be with their idol.

[Image credits to Rainhk.com]

Lee Da-hae signs for J.tune

Korean actress Lee Da-hae has signed for J.tune, the talent agency of pop star Rain. The actress was rumored to join the company since her previous contract ended before Lunar New Year, and J.tune made an announcement this morning (February 4) that she has joined the company officially.

Korean actress Lee Da-hae

[Image credits to Mydaily.co.kr]

Rain’s semi-naked video generates wide interest

Korean star Rain’s semi-naked dance video has generated wide interest online since it was uploaded on December 1 by Jtune, Rain’s agency.

Korean pop star Rain

The video was taken in October during his rehearsal for the song Only You before he made his comeback with his 5th album.

[Image credits to Mydaily.co.kr] [See video here]