Rain accepting MTV Biggest Badass Star Award

Video of Korean pop star Rain accepting his Biggest Badass Star award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards which were presented earlier this month.

Rain talks about depression

Korean pop star Rain shared his previous depression story on a TV show recently, talking about feeling lonely and entertaining thoughts about death.

“I was so depressed and lonely that I had an extreme thought. I was flying one day and I wished the plane crashed. At least people would remember me as someone who was trying his best,” Rain confessed.

However, something stopped the singer/actor/entrepreneur from ending his life – marriage. “I just couldn’t die before getting married!”

Korean pop star Rain

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Rain’s MV banned for traffic law violation

Korean KBS network announced that pop star Rain’s Love Song MV is inappropriate for public viewing and has banned it from going on air.

Korean pop star Rain Love Song

Rain is penalized for his blatant disregard for road regulations. He is seen running across a deserted street in the MV. It’s said that the production team will be duly submitting a re-edited version of the MV soon.


Rain is back with a Love Song

Korean pop star Rain is making his comeback to K-pop scene with album Back to Basic. A new music video, titled Love Song, has just been released. The MV starred actress Han Ye-seul as the heroin.

[Video credits to 5xrauren]

Rain is one sexy Ninja Assassin

Korean pop star Rain shows off his sexy body on Allure magazine with the release of Ninja Assassin, his first major role in a Hollywood movie.

Korean pop star Rain on Allure magazine

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