f(x) Electric Shock

Korean pop group f(x) has released a new mini-album, Electric Shock, on June 10th. Music video for the title track:

SPICA debuts with Lee Hyori

Korean pop group SPICA has released their first official MV for Doggedly, starring pop star Lee Hyori.

T-ara released 15-minutes MV for Cry Cry

Korean pop group T-ara has released a 15-minutes long music video for their comeback mini album, Black Eyes (Cry Cry).

The MV is part one of a dramatic mini-drama, starring T-ara member Jiyeon and Qri (part 2), with actors Cha Seung-won and Ji Chang-wook.

Wonder Girls are back with Wonder World

Korean pop group Wonder Girls are back with a new album, Wonder World, on November 7th. Below are the album’s concept photos and also music video of its title song, Be My Baby.

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Miss A – Goodbye Baby music video

Korean pop group Miss A’s latest music video, Goodbye Baby, from their first full length album A Class.