Moon Geun-young & Kim Bum are dating

Korean actress Moon Geun-young and actor Kim Bum have confirmed (via respective agency) that they are dating.

Goddess of Fire Moon Geun Young Kim Bum

The couple started their relationship when filming TV drama Goddess of Fire which aired its last episode a couple of weeks ago. Rumors are that they are currently in a trip in Europe.

Moon Geun-young loves her yogurt

Korean actress Moon Geun-young’s photoshoot for a yogurt brand…

Korean actress Moon Geun-young

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Moon Geun-young has a broken nose

Korean actress Moon Geun-young’s nose was accidentally broken by co-star Park Shin-young while filming drama Painter of the Wind.

Korean actress Moon Geun-young in Painter of the Wind

The duo were filming an arguing scene on October 9 when Park’s elbow accidentally hit Moon’s nose and caused a minor fracture; Moon will have to rest for at least a week.

The filming will still be continued but will be heavily delayed without the lead actress. This is Moon’s second injury while filming the drama… she fell into a well earlier and suffered some minor bruises.

Poor girl, get well soon.

Painter of the Wind press meeting

The main cast of Korean drama Painter of the Wind, including Park Shin-yang and Moon Geun-young, meet with the press in Seoul on September 17 to promote the drama.

Korean artist Park Shin-yang and Moon Geun-young promote Painter of the Wind

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Moon Geun-young is still a little girl

Korean actress Moon Geun-yong attended an endorsement event for a cosmetic brand on May 20 in Seoul…

Korean actress Moon Geun-young

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