Miriam Yeung & baby boy

Hong Kong singer Miriam Yeung has unveiled a family photo with husband Real Ting and Torres, their newborn baby who arrives on June 5th.

Miriam Yeung baby boy Torres

[Image via Mingpao]

Miriam Yeung got married

Hong Kong star Miriam Yeung, 35, has admitted to rumors that she’s already married to non celebrity husband Real Ting.

Hong Kong artist Miriam Yeung and husband Real Ting

The couple was registered on August 11 in Las Vegas, but will have their traditional ceremonies in 2010.


[Image credits to Yule.sohu.com]

Miriam and Sammi sealed it with a kiss

Miriam Yeung and Sammi Cheng in VancouverHong Kong pop stars Miriam Yeung and Sammi Cheng acted as if kissing each other when answering rumours about their conflict.

Earlier rumours indicated that Miriam and Sammi were in conflict to be crowned (unofficially) as their company top female singer. Both of them have denied the rumours and said that they are still good buddies.

Miriam and Sammi were in Vancouver, Canada to perform at a CCTV’s Spring Festival Show.