Taiwanese stars avoiding military service

The Conscription Agency of Taiwan has named a number of male idols that have been suspected of avoiding military service. Officials only announced the stars’ surnames and their schools, but that was more than enough information to identify these individuals.

Ethan Ruan and Mike He

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All stars endorsed handphone in china

A mobile phone company managed to attract some big stars to endorse their new product in China… among the famous celebs are Eva Huang, Joe Cheng, Mike He and Huang Xiaoming.

All stars

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Mike He visits Hong Kong

Taiwanese star was in Hong Kong during the weekend to promote his drama Marry Me.

Mike arrived in Hong Kong on Friday and his fans caused some real havoc at the airport…

Mike He arrived in Hong Kong

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Mike He early birthday celebration with fans

Taiwanese artist Mike He celebrated an early birthday on Christmas eve with 350 fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia etc.

Mike He celebrates birthday

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