Lee Young-ae gives birth to twins

Korean actress Lee Young-ae has given birth to a pair of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, on Sunday. Photo shows her leaving the hospital on Wednesday. Congratulations.

Korean actress Lee Young-ae

[Image credits to Mydaily]

Lee Young-ae’s surprise wedding

Top Korean actress Lee Young-ae, 38, got married on August 24 in a private ceremony in America. She announced the surprising news through her representatives earlier this morning.

Korean actress Lee Young-ae

The news came as a total surprise as the public wasn’t aware of the relationship at all. The groom is a Korean-American businessman according to the rep, but no further details or wedding photos were released as the actress want to keep the family privacy.


Zhang Ziyi as Chinese Daejanggeum?

It’s rumoured that Zhang Ziyi will star in the Chinese movie version of popular Korean drama Daejanggeum.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

According to reports a production company has invited fame director Zhang Yimou to direct the movie with Hollywood in mind, and Ziyi is the hot favourite to play the lead role, which was played by Lee Young-ae in the original drama.

Lee Young-ae to open coffee house

South Korean actress Lee Young-ae, who gained widespread popularity for her role in the television drama Dae Jang-geum, plans to open a chain of coffeehouses in several Asian countries.

Korean actress Lee Young-ae

The actress, who turns 37 next month, will likely open coffee shops in China, Japan and Thailand, a report in the Wen Wei Po newspaper quoted a confidant of Lee’s as saying.

Lee will officially announce her new business after she maps out all the details, her friend said.

The news report also said that Lee will offer Korean food in her coffeehouses to popularize the culinary customs of her country.


Daejanggeum cast meet fans in Tokyo

The main cast of popular Korean drama Daejanggeum (or Jewel in the Palace) met with thousands of fans at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday (August 11)… including Lee Young-ae (pic), Ji Jin-hee and Park Eun-hye etc.

Korean actress Lee Young-ae

A theatre version (different cast) of the TV drama will start showing in Japan later this year.

(Image credits to Chosun.com)