Lee Junki joins army

Korean actor Lee Junki has been enlisted into the army on May 3 to fulfil his two-years of mandatory military service.

Lee Junki joins army

[Image credits to Newsen.com]

Lee Jun Ki received 30,000 paper cranes from fans

Lee Jun-ki received 30,000 paper cranes from his fans wishing his new Korean TV drama a success.

Korean actor Lee Jun-ki

Lee Jun-ki star as a newspaper reporter in his new drama Hero, which has just started showing on November 18.

[Source][Image credits to Mydaily.co.kr]

Lee Junki looking good

Some recent photos of Korean star Lee Junki…

Korean actor Lee Junki

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Lee Jun-ki joins EEG

Popular Korean star Lee Jun-ki has signed a contract with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) to manage his jobs and career in Chinese region (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Korean star Lee Jun-ki

An official from EEG has confirmed that Jun-ki has signed the contract, and that EEG will officially announced his joining in October. The contract details are not released, but is believed to be worth at least 8 figures (that is at least 10 million Hong Kong dollars).

EEG is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong; their managed stars include TWINS, Joey Yung and Isabella Leong etc.

Jun-ki is doing really well in Korea

Korean star Lee Jun-ki is doing well recently. His TV drama The Time of Dog and Wolf (pic) is getting close to 20% rating (quite good for a Korean drama); while The Magnificent Trip, the movie that he is starring in, is achieving good results in box office.

The Time of Dog and Wolf