Lee Dong-gun joins army

Korean actor Lee Dong-gun has joined the Korean army on June 15 to fulfil his mandatory military service.

Lee Dong-gun enlisted

See you in two years Lee.

[Image credits to Spn.edaily.co.kr]

Han Ji-hye dating a prosecutor

Korean actress Han Ji-hye is dating a prosecutor; the couple met during a church meeting earlier this year and has been dating for three months.

Korean actress Han Ji-hye and new boyfriend

The news came shortly after Han’s ex-lover Lee Dong-gun was spotted dating actress Cha Ye-ryeon. The once celebrated celebrity couple splits in early 2008, and good to see that they are finding their new love.

[Image credits to Sportsseoul.com]

Lee Dong-gun and Cha Ye-ryeon dating

Korean actor Lee Dong-gun and Cha Ye-ryeon are an item. The couple has been rumored in relationship for a while, and they were recently spotted by a Korean paper, proving the rumors to be true.

Korean stars Lee Dong-gun and Cha Ye-ryeon

[Image credits to Sportsseoul.com]