Kang Hye-jeong going to Hollywood

Actress Kang Hye-jeong is set to become the latest Korean star to join the Hollywood bandwagon. No details about the movie is released yet, but if everything is going as planned, she will be joining the filming in late 2008.

Korean actress Kang Hye-jeong

Korean pop star Rain has made his Hollywood debut a couple of months ago with Speed Racer. Other Korean stars that are set to make their Hollywood debut include Jang Dong-gun, Lee Byung-hun and Jun Ji-hyun etc.

Takuya Kimura starring in Hollywood movie?

According to a Hong Kong newspaper… Japanese star Takuya Kimura is set to make his Hollywood debut in 2008 with movie I Come with the Rain.

The details of the movie is unknown yet, but Takuya is not playing the main character; Hollywood star Josh Harnett will take the center stage instead.

It’s also said that Korean actor Lee Byung-hun might be involved in the movie as well. Lee is Takuya’s co-star in his latest Japanese movie, Hero, which is scheduled to premiere next month.

Lee Byung-hun celebrates birthday with 16,000 Jap fans

Korean star Lee Byung-hun celebrated his 37th birthday with over 16,000 Japanese fans in Tokyo on July 12. It must be pretty amazing to have 16,000 singing a birthday song for him.

Lee Byung-hun celebrates birthday with 16,000 Japanese fans

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Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo still popular in Japan

Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo are voted the most popular Korean stars in a recent Japanese poll.

Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo

Bae and Choi are made famous with TV drama Winter Sonata a few years ago, and still remain popular.

Lee Byung-hun and Kwon Sang-woo are ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively at the male’s poll; where as Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Young-ae are 2nd and 3rd in the female’s poll.


43rd Baeksang Awards pictures

The 43rd Korean Baeksang Arts Awards 2007 was held last week; here are some of the pictures…

Lee Jun-ki…
Lee Jun-ki at Baeksang 2007

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