Masaharu Fukuyama to star in Galileo sequel

Japanese pop star Masaharu Fukuyama will reprise his role in the sequel for hit drama series Galileo (2007).

Japanese drama Galileo

Fukuyama played a weird but intelligent professor who helped to solve crime cases using scientific methods. His 2007 co-star Kou Shibasaki will not play the major role (but expected to make some cameos), actress Yuriko Yoshitaka will play the female lead as a rookie detective instead.

Koda Kumi is highest earning Japanese female artist

Singer Koda Kumi is the highest earning Japanese female artist for the past 12 months; she made an estimated USD20 million over the period.

Japanese singer Koda Kumi

2nd on the list is Ayumi Hamasaki, 3rd is Hikaru Utada.

Yukie Nakama tops the actress list with estimated USD3 million (far behind Koda Kumi). 2nd on the list is Kou Shibasaki, while Korean actress Choi Ji-woo is 3rd.