Lee Jun-ki joins EEG

Popular Korean star Lee Jun-ki has signed a contract with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) to manage his jobs and career in Chinese region (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Korean star Lee Jun-ki

An official from EEG has confirmed that Jun-ki has signed the contract, and that EEG will officially announced his joining in October. The contract details are not released, but is believed to be worth at least 8 figures (that is at least 10 million Hong Kong dollars).

EEG is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong; their managed stars include TWINS, Joey Yung and Isabella Leong etc.

Joey Yung visiting Africa for charity

Hong Kong pop star Joey Yung is visiting Africa for charity purpose. She left to Kenya Monday (March 5); some of her fans were at the airport to show support for Joey’s journey before her departure.

Joey Yung leaving for Africa

[Image credits to Takungpao.com]