Jet Li to focus on quake reconstruction effort

Jet Li has announced that he would be staying away from the entertainment world for about a year to concentrate on the reconstruction in the Sichuan quake zones.

Jet Li volunteering in Sichuan

Jet Li’s disaster-relief One Foundation has set up an office in Sichuan last week, and will focus on rebuilding schools and providing special care for those left orphaned or disabled.

Take two for Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom, starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan, is getting a sequel following its box office success.

The Forbidden Kingdom movie poster

The sequel was already planned before the movie was released, but the making of the sequel would only be confirmed if the movie is doing well. Considering that it has topped the North America box office and is doing very well in Asian market, a sequel is now almost a certainty.

Warlords top 2007 Chinese box office

Peter Chan’s new martial arts epic, “The Warlords,” has beaten Ang Lee’s much bankable “Lust, Caution” to secure the No.1 spot at the 2007 Chinese-language box-office.

Chinese movie Warlords

As of Sunday, “The Warlords” has raked in 260 million yuan (US$35.74 million), ten million more than “Lust, Caution,” the second strongest box-office winner, said a report on Web portal

“The Warlords” is being or has been screened in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. It reaped 200 million yuan on the mainland alone, making Peter Chan the second Chinese director, following Zhang Yimou, to have crossed the 200-million-yuan boundary.

The film, starring Andy Lau, Jet Li, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Xu Jinglei, revolves around the story of three sworn brothers in 1860s.


Jet Li tops Chinese star income list 2007

Chinese kung fu actor Jet Li made the most money in 2007 among China’s entertainment elite, totaling some 465 million yuan, or around 62 million US dollars, as listed by Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post on Wednesday.

Chinese actor Jet Li

The top ten earners are as follows…

1 Jet Li 465 million yuan
2 Jackie Chan 428 million yuan
3 Jacky Cheung 300 million yuan
4 Tony Leung 290 million yuan
5 Andy Lau 230 million yuan
6 Chow Yun-fat 100 million yuan
7 Michelle Yeoh 80 million yuan
8 Zhang Ziyi 65 million yuan
9 S.H.E. 62.5 million yuan
10 Jay Chow 60 million yuan


The Forbidden Kingdom movie poster

The first official movie poster for Forbidden Kingdom, starring top Asian stars Jackie Chan and Jet Li, has been released…

Movie Forbidden Kingdom poster

The movie is scheduled to premier in US on April 18, 2008.