Jay Chou finally won best singer at Golden Melody

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou has finally crowned as the best male singer at the Golden Melody Awards on Saturday.

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou Capricorn album

The 30-year-old singer has won almost every possible award (composer, album/song of the year etc.), but needed to wait for 10 years to land the best singer award.

Jay Chou also won the song of the year award with Fragrance of Rice and best music video with Mr Magic. Congrats.

Jay Chou promotes new album in Taipei

Taiwanese star Jay Chou started his promotion events for his latest album Capricorn in Taipei on Tuesday (October 14)…

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou in Taipei

[Image credits to Libertytimes.com.tw]

Jet Li tops Chinese star income list 2007

Chinese kung fu actor Jet Li made the most money in 2007 among China’s entertainment elite, totaling some 465 million yuan, or around 62 million US dollars, as listed by Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post on Wednesday.

Chinese actor Jet Li

The top ten earners are as follows…

1 Jet Li 465 million yuan
2 Jackie Chan 428 million yuan
3 Jacky Cheung 300 million yuan
4 Tony Leung 290 million yuan
5 Andy Lau 230 million yuan
6 Chow Yun-fat 100 million yuan
7 Michelle Yeoh 80 million yuan
8 Zhang Ziyi 65 million yuan
9 S.H.E. 62.5 million yuan
10 Jay Chow 60 million yuan


Jay Chou promotes Secret in Beijing

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou was in Beijing to promote Secret, his first directed movie, alongside main actress Guey Lun Mei.

Jay Chou and Guey Lun Mei

Secret will be released nationwide on July 30.

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Jay Chou and ‘girlfriend’ on Harper’s Bazaar

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou and actress Guey Lun Mei featured on Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Guey Lun Mei played the role as Jay’s girlfriend in Jay’s directing debut movie, Secret.

Jay Chou and Guey Lun Mei on Harper’s Bazaar

[Image credits to sohu.com]