Jang Nara in wedding dress

Korean actress-singer Jang Nara in wedding dress for a recent photoshoot. The pictures will be used in her latest photobook.

Jang Nara in wedding dress

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Jang Nara becomes an associate professor in China

Hallyu star Jang Nara has been appointed an associate professor at a university in Beijing. Jang received a letter of appointment from the president of Beijing Huajia University at a press conference in front of 100 media reporters at the Beijing International Convention Center on June 30.

Jang Nara appointed as associate professor

“Acting is a form of study which is aimed at developing one’s attributes rather than teaching something. Each generation has different forms of expressions so wouldn’t there be a need for young professors too?” Jang was quoted as saying at the event.


Jang Nara invited for Olympic countdown event

Korean star Jang Nara is invited to perform at Beijing Olympic 100-days-countdown event which is going to be held on April 30.

Korean artist Jang Nara

The event will be held in Anhui province, and will be attended by Chinese superstars like Andy Lau and Sun Nan etc.