Jet Li tops Chinese star income list 2007

Chinese kung fu actor Jet Li made the most money in 2007 among China’s entertainment elite, totaling some 465 million yuan, or around 62 million US dollars, as listed by Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post on Wednesday.

Chinese actor Jet Li

The top ten earners are as follows…

1 Jet Li 465 million yuan
2 Jackie Chan 428 million yuan
3 Jacky Cheung 300 million yuan
4 Tony Leung 290 million yuan
5 Andy Lau 230 million yuan
6 Chow Yun-fat 100 million yuan
7 Michelle Yeoh 80 million yuan
8 Zhang Ziyi 65 million yuan
9 S.H.E. 62.5 million yuan
10 Jay Chow 60 million yuan


Jacky Cheung blacklisted by Philippines Consulate

Hong Kong pop star Jacky Cheung has been blacklisted by Philippines Consulate from hiring Filipina maids.

Jacky Cheung blacklisted

According to Filipino Globe, a monthly magazine dedicated to Philippines workers in Hong Kong… Jacky and his wife are on the consulate’s ‘watch list’ for firing too many maids. For the past 3 years Jacky has hired a total of 21 maids, but only a few has managed to work till the end of their 2 years contract.

Jacky currently has hired 4 Filipina maids, but will not be allowed to renew their contract and will not be allowed to hire new maids.

4 Heavenly Kings sing together for 10th anniversary

Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai performed a great show on Saturday night (June 30) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong return to China mainland’s administration.

4 Heavenly Kings sing together for 10th anniversary

Dubbed the ‘4 Heavenly Kings’, these 4 artists dominated the Hong Kong music arena in the 90s, and still remain influential these days. They didn’t sing together often, and considering their age, this could be one of the last joint performances from these superstars.

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