Isabella Leong and Richard Li break up

Former actress Isabella Leong, who parented three children out of wedlock with Hong Kong-based Internet and telecom tycoon Richard Li, said in a statement that she had broken up with Li.

Isabella Leong and Richard Li break up

The statement, issued to Hong Kong media, began by saying “My life has entered a new period with the arrival of 2011… We had a wonderful time together. Our children will be raised by us together.”

Richard Li is the youngest son of Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s richest person.


Isabella Leong gives birth to baby boy

Chinese actress Isabella Leong gave birth to a baby boy on April 26 in Toronto, Canada.

The 21-year-old star is engaged to Hong Kong 42-year-old billionaire Richard Li. They named their son Ethan Li Changzhi.

Chinese actress Isabella Leong gives birth to baby boy


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Lee Jun-ki joins EEG

Popular Korean star Lee Jun-ki has signed a contract with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) to manage his jobs and career in Chinese region (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Korean star Lee Jun-ki

An official from EEG has confirmed that Jun-ki has signed the contract, and that EEG will officially announced his joining in October. The contract details are not released, but is believed to be worth at least 8 figures (that is at least 10 million Hong Kong dollars).

EEG is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong; their managed stars include TWINS, Joey Yung and Isabella Leong etc.

Isabella Leong fly to Montreal to film Mummy 3

Chinese star Isabella Leong has flew to Montreal, most likely to star in Mummy 3.

Isabella Leong flying to Montreal

It has been rumoured in late May that Isabella Leong will be cast alongside Hollywood stars Brendan Fraser, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh etc.

Isabella’s agency EEG however has never confirmed the arrangement; it is believed that they signed a confidential agreement to not announce anything regarding the movie to the public… but too many indications show that Isabella Leong has landed a role indeed (as Michelle Yeoh’s daughter).

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Spider Lilies: Rainie and Isabella kisses

Lesbian themed Spider Lilies is one of the most anticipated Taiwan movies of the year, starring young idols Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong.

Taiwan movies Spider Lilies

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