Hyun Bin turns top marksman

Korean actor Hyun Bin, who was enlisted last month to fulfil his two year mandatory military service, has been named as a special-grade marksman for his excellent shooting skills.

Korean actor Hyun Bin army training

Hyun Bin is one of the 16 soldiers (out of 720 rookies) to get that rank, which requires the marksman to achieve a 90% hit rate for both day and night marksmanship. It’s rumoured that the actor has missed just one of the 30 shots during his test, which gave him a 97% accuracy rate.

Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo broke up

Korean actor Hyun Bin and actress Song Hye-kyo have officially announced that they had broken up in January.

Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo break up

They made their announcement through their respective agency just a day after Hyun Bin was enlisted into the army. It’s stated that their busy schedule is the main reason for their breaking up, and they didn’t make immediate announcement in January to avoid affecting their work.

Jang Dong-gun’s Warrior’s Way VIP premiere

The VIP premier for The Warrior’s Way, a Hollywood film starring Korean actor Jang Dong-gun, was held in Seoul on November 22nd.

Many celebrities attended the event, including co-star Kate Boldsworth, Jang’s wife Ko So-young (2nd pic), actors Ahn Sung-ki and Hyun Bin etc.

Jang Dong-gun and Kate Boldsworth at The Warriors Way premiere

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Tang Wei & Hyun Bin meet in Late Autumn

Stills of Chinese actress Tang Wei and Korean actor Hyun Bin in upcoming English-language film Late Autumn. The film, set in Seattle, is about a short-lived romance between a prisoner released on probation (Tang Wei) and a counterfeiter on the run (Hyun Bin).

Tang Wei and Hyun Bin in Late Autumn movie

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Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo in love

Korean stars Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo are in love! The celebrity couple played lovers in drama Worlds Within in 2008; they kept in contact since then and officially dating since June 2009.

Korean actors Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo in Worlds Within