Condor Heroes promote drama

The main cast (Hu Ge, Ariel Lin and Yuan Hong) of Chinese drama series The Legend of the Condor Heroes attended a promotional event in Guangzhou on October 12 to promote the drama.

Chinese actors Hu Ge, Ariel Lin and Yuan Hong

Chinese actors Hu Ge, Ariel Lin and Yuan Hong

The drama has started showing in Guangdong area in early October and is well received so far. The drama was originally scheduled to be completed almost two years ago, but a traffic accident to lead actor Hu Ge has caused the long delay.

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Butterfly Lovers’ poster

Chinese movie Butterfly Lovers issued a few promotional posters last week. The movie, starring a strong cast of Hu Ge, Charlene Choi and Wu Chun… is expected to hit high note in box office when it’s released in September.

Chinese movie Butterfly Lover

The movie also grabbed attention as the leading female role was originally planned for Gillian Chung, Charlene’s partner in TWINS. Gillian gave up her role following her involvement in the Edison Chen nude photos scandal.