Hiro Mizushima leaving showbiz?

Japanese actor Hiro Mizushima shocked his fans by leaving his entertainment agency to focus on his writing career.

Japanese actor Hiro Mizushima

The actor is enjoying a booming acting career, so the announcement is surprising to many. No other details has been release regarding the decision. It’s uncertain whether Mizushima will be back into acting in future.

There are also rumors that Mizushima is forced to resign because of his decision to get married last year despite his agency’s objection.

Tokyo DOGS opens on a high

Japanese drama Tokyo DOGS, starring Shun Oguri, Hiro Mizushima and Yuriko Yoshitaka, opened on Monday with a respectable 18.7% rating.

Japanese drama Tokyo DOGS

The drama is about two cops with different personality working to solve crimes in Tokyo; one a cool headed and discipline smart guy, another a former delinquent and hot blooded fighter.

Japanese celebrities with wonderful smile

Actor Satoshi Tsumabuki and actress Aoi Miyazaki topped an Oricon poll of celebrities with wonderful smile. Top 10 below:

Japanese actor Satoshi Tsumabuki Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki

Men – 1. Satoshi Tsumabuki – 2. Teppei Koike – 3. Masaharu Fukuyama – 4. Yusuke Kamiji – 5. Hiroshi Tamaki – 6. Ryo Ishikawa – 7. Hiro Mizushima – 8. Ryuta Sato – 9. Takuya Kimura – 10. Sanma Akashiya

Women – 1. Aoi Miyazaki – 2. Aya Ueto – 3. Becky – 4. Yui Aragaki – 5. Masami Nagasawa – 6. Saki Aibu – 7. Haruka Ayase – 8. Yukie Nakama – 9. Yu Aoi – 10. Suzanne