S.H.E Hebe promotes camera

Photos of Taiwanese singer Hebe Tian from pop group S.H.E attending a promotion event for Lumix camera a few days ago.

S.H.E Hebe promotes Lumix camera

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S.H.E Hebe promotes solo album in Shanghai

Taiwanese pop group S.H.E member Hebe was in Shanghai last week to promote her first solo album To Hebe.

S.H.E Hebe promotes album in Shanghai

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S.H.E member Hebe releasing solo album

Hebe of Taiwanese pop group S.H.E will be releasing her first solo album To Hebe in early September. Her first song Love has been released on radio stations, and some photos are also released:

Taiwanese singer Hebe Tian

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S.H.E ready for radio show

Taiwan pop group S.H.E promote their upcoming radio show, FM S.H.E on September 1 with their odd looking image. The online radio show is scheduled to start in late September.

Taiwan pop group SHE promote radio show

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S.H.E celebrated Hebe’s birthday at Shanghai pub

S.H.E celebrated Hebe’s birthday on March 30 at Muse, a Shanghai pub opened by famous actress Carina Lau. The group was in China to film their latest music video.

S.H.E celebrated Hebe birthday at Shanghai pub

Not really a nice picture, but the girls seemed like having fun though, good for them. Image credits to Tom.com.