Golden Horse 2009 red carpet

Red carpet show at Taiwan’s 2009 Golden Horse Awards.

Shu Qi

Taiwan Golden Bell Awards red carpet 2009

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Jay Chou promotes Secret in Beijing

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou was in Beijing to promote Secret, his first directed movie, alongside main actress Guey Lun Mei.

Jay Chou and Guey Lun Mei

Secret will be released nationwide on July 30.

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Jay Chou and ‘girlfriend’ on Harper’s Bazaar

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou and actress Guey Lun Mei featured on Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Guey Lun Mei played the role as Jay’s girlfriend in Jay’s directing debut movie, Secret.

Jay Chou and Guey Lun Mei on Harper’s Bazaar

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Jay Chou slammed for stinginess

Taiwan pop star Jay Chou was slammed by netizens for his stinginess while filming his debut movie The Secret That Cannot Be Told.

Anthony Wong, Guey Lun Mei and Jay Chou

It happened when Jay was filming a graduation ceremony and hired 400 extras to portray as students… and only paid those extras ~USD1 per hour salary.

Most of the extras didn’t mind though, as their purpose was to see their idol Jay Chou in person. The netizens however are not happy and claimed that Jay was stingy and the production team was using Jay’s popularity to exploit young fans.

These are the main cast of the film (Anthony Wong, Guey Lun Mei and Jay)…

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