F4 reunites for Spring Festival show

Taiwanese pop group F4 has reunite for China’s Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival show which was filmed on January 30, their first joint performance since their farewell tour in 2008.

F4 Spring Festival TV show

F4 Spring Festival TV show

The group, consists of Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu, was formed in 2001 after the huge success of drama Meteor Garden.

F4 regroups for Taiwan tourism

Taiwanese boy band F4 will release a new combined album, Waiting for You, on December 28 to support Taiwan tourism. This is their first album in five years.

Taiwanese boy band F4

The four members of F4, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu, were invited to act as spokesmen for Taiwan tourism and to sing the theme song for the tourism TV play Finding Love Here.

The play, starring Ken Chu and Vic Zhou, will be broadcast in Japan and South Korea to promote Taiwan tourism. Vanness Wu will also appear in the play as a guest actor.

Unlike other bands, the members of F4 have mostly worked individually since the band was formed in 2001, thanks to the Taiwan version of the TV drama Meteor Garden.

The new album includes two choruses and two solos by each member.


F4’s Wish to See You in Taiwan Press Party in Seoul

Taiwanese boyband F4 held a press conference in Seoul to promote Taiwan tourism on September 21. F4 is the ambassador for Taiwan tourism under the Wish to See You in Taiwan project.

F4 was in Seoul to attend the Asia Song Festival, and took the chance to promote Taiwan as well. Some pics from the press conference…

F4 press conference in Seoul

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F4 to formally disband in October

Taiwan’s popular boy band F4 will become history as the lead singer Jerry Yan will leave the current company soon, the Fujian-based Southeast Express reports on Friday.

The pop singer and actor’s contract with Wu Fu Long Production Company will come to an end in October, and it has been confirmed that he will not renew the contract. Jerry Yan launched his own studio “Star Jerry” back in 2005.

In order to develop his market in Japan, he signed in secret with Japanese Top boy group SMAP’s agent Johnny and Associates to act as his new manager in June, thus becoming Kimura Takuya’s junior colleague.

The other members of the group, including Ken Chu and Vanness Wu, will also face decisions regarding their contracts soon. Vanness Wu has already decided that he will not renew his contract at the end of this year, while Ken Chu also admitted that he was considering leaving.

Only Vic Chou will continue to work with the current agency, says the report. [Cri]

Update Sep 21 – F4’s agency has denied the rumour; stating that F4 will still be intact and will hold a concert in Japan next year.