Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh reconciled?

Kevin Cheng and Charmaine ShehHong Kong actor Kevin Cheng was rumoured to have broken up with his model girlfriend and reconciled with actress Charmaine Sheh.

Kevin and Charmaine fell in love after working on TVB drama Forensics Heroes II in 2008, but broken up in 2009/2010 due to numerous factors. They remained friends after their split.

It was rumoured that the pair had gotten closer again recently, even flirting on their microblogs. It’s also reported that Charmaine visited Kevin at his home whenever she was free; and that Kevin told his friends that he treasured the reconciliation.


Charmaine Sheh promotes Shiseido

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh attended an anti-aging forum as product spokesperson for Shiseido.

Charmaine Sheh promotes Shiseido

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TVB stars gathered for CNY filming

Hong Kong TVB artists joined forces on January 13 to film a special Chinese New Year show…

Hong Kong TVB artists

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The Drive of Live started showing in China

The Drive of Life, a multi-million dollars collaboration TV drama jointly produced by Hong Kong’s TVB and China’s CCTV has started showing.

Chinese drama The Drive of Live

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Charmaine’s license suspended for 6 months

Hong Kong TV star Charmaine Sheh’s driving license has been suspended for 6 months after a court rulling, for repetitive violation of traffic law.

Charmaine Sheh license suspended

It’s said that Charmaine had violated the traffic law 4 times in a year (May 2005 to May 2006). This is the 2nd time Charmaine’s driving license is suspended; she had her license suspended for 3 months in 2002 as well.

Not the best example shown by a celebrity. Drive safe and follow the law, Charmaine.