Cecilia Cheung & Zhang Ziyi Dangerous Liasons

BTS photos from the filming set of Chinese movie Dangerous Liasons, starring actress Cecilia Cheung and Zhang Ziyi.

Cecilia Cheung Zhang Ziyi Dangerous Liasons

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Cecilia Cheung back to work

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is back to work after giving birth to her second child in May. Below are some pictorials from recent issue of Chinese Cosmopolitan Magazine which reports on her recent development.

Cecilia Cheung on Cosmopolitan magazine

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Cecilia Cheung gives birth to baby boy

Cecilia Cheung and LucasHong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has gave birth to a 7.7 pound baby boy via Caesarean section on Wednesday night.

The baby is Cecilia’s second child with actor husband Nicholas Tse. Their first son Lucas (pic) was born in 2007.

The name for the baby is not revealed yet, but it’s tipped that his English name will be Quintus. Congrats.

Cecilia Cheung back on stage

Hong Kong actress and singer Cecilia Cheung on Saturday gave her first postpartum stage appearance to China Central Television.

Hong Kong artist Cecilia Cheung

The 27-year-old mother appeared in the mainland city of Suzhou with a slim figure, about two months after she gave birth to Lucas, her first child with her celebrity singer hubby, Nicholas Tse.

The couple were in Suzhou recording the “Happy China” concert series, which is to be aired later on CCTV.

Cecilia Cheung and her husband appeared on stage separately, each singing two songs. Tabloids say their brief appearances earned them one million yuan (US$133,157).


Cecilia Cheung gave birth to baby boy

Hong Kong artist Cecilia Cheung has gave birth to a baby boy yesterday night (around 9.40pm, August 2).