BoA’s Mini Journal on Nylon

Korean pop star BoA featuring on Korean Nylon magazine with her doggy…

Korean pop star BoA on Nylon magazine

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BoA goes Deluxe for American album

Korean pop star BoA has re-released her debut American album, BoA The First Album in a Deluxe version, where she included two new songs and a radio edit of hit song Energetic.

Korean pop star BoA Deluxe American album

BoA releases Energetic MV

Korean pop star BoA released a new English music video for Energetic

BoA on Nylon Magazine

Korean pop singer BoA took a break from her American promotion and posed for Nylon. BoA will feature on the July issue of the Korean magazine.

Korean pop star BoA

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BoA will Eat You Up

Korean pop star BoA’s debut English song, Eat You Up.