Beatrice Guang Mang memorial concert

A mini-concert was held yesterday (Feb 9) in memories of Taiwan artist Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun who passed away 2 weeks ago.

The concert was named Guang Mang (Chinese title: 光芒; means shining), after one of the 3 recorded but unpublished songs of Beatrice.

Beatrice’s family, friends and fans attended the concert.

Beatrice Guang Mang memorial concert

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Farewell to Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun

Thursday (Jan 8) was the funeral for beloved Taiwanese artist Beatrice Xu, who passed away on Jan 28 from a car accident.

Beatrice Hsu funeral

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Beatrice Xu died at age of 28

Taiwan artist Beatrice Xu (Hsu Wei Lun, 1978-2007) passed away on Sunday evening (Jan 28).

Taiwanese actress Beatrice Xu

Beatrice met with a car accident on late Friday night (Jan 26) and suffered serious injuries, she finally passed away after nearly 43 hours of rescue. Beatrice died of low oxygen level that was caused by her head injury.

Beatrice was quite popular in Taiwan; she was dubbed Angel by her fans, and was good buddy of other famous stars like Ariel Lin, Cyndi Wang, Joe Cheng and Rainie Yang etc.

Rest in peace, dear Beatrice.