Ariel Lin to quit shooting drama series

Taiwanese actress-singer Ariel LinTaiwanese star Ariel Lin announced on Sunday that she will not be shooting any more TV drama series in near future.

The 28-year-old actress, who is currently working on idol drama I May Not Love You, explained that she had thought about reducing her workload ever since she recovered from an operation to remove a cyst in her brain in 2009.

“Playing the lead in a television series is very tough, like life in the military,” said Lin, who was worried that a heavy workload will cause a relapse, among other health problems.

“Lately, my strength isn’t what it used to be. I still like acting, but I feel that I should pursue my dreams only as far as my health permits.

“I also want to give my time over to important people [in my life],” Lin told reporters, pointing out that her priorities in life have changed a lot since she made her showbiz debut at 18.

Apart from her career plans, Lin, who is currently dating a man named Zhen Jia Yao, also revealed that she plans to have a low key wedding, away from the media spotlight.

Condor Heroes promote drama

The main cast (Hu Ge, Ariel Lin and Yuan Hong) of Chinese drama series The Legend of the Condor Heroes attended a promotional event in Guangzhou on October 12 to promote the drama.

Chinese actors Hu Ge, Ariel Lin and Yuan Hong

Chinese actors Hu Ge, Ariel Lin and Yuan Hong

The drama has started showing in Guangdong area in early October and is well received so far. The drama was originally scheduled to be completed almost two years ago, but a traffic accident to lead actor Hu Ge has caused the long delay.

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Ariel Lin endorses sport fashion

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin promoting a sport fashion brand last Saturday.

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin dressed in Kimono

Taiwanese star Ariel Lin dressed in Kimono (Japanese traditional dress) to endorse a Japanese fruit product on Saturday (Aug 18) in Taipei.

Ariel Lin in kimono

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Ariel and Joe promote ISWAK in Hong Kong

Taiwanese star Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng is in Hong Kong to promote TV drama It Started with a Kiss (ISWAK)…

Ariel and Joe promote ISWAK in Hong Kong

Ariel and Joe promote ISWAK in Hong Kong

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