World Order – Have A Nice Day

Japanese electro-pop group World Order has released an amazing music video for Have A Nice Day which was filmed in Tokyo’s Akihabara Disctrict which is famous for its otaku sub-culture.

Female idol group AKB48 also featured in the video.

Minami Minegishi demoted by AKB48

Japanese pop group AKB48 member Minami Minegishi has been demoted from the main group to become a “research student” following her scandal with a male idol which was exposed very recently.

She has apologized on the group’s official channel with her head shaved, an act which symbolizes deep regrets (which is unnecessary, really).

AKB48 Minami Minegishi apologise for dating

AKB48 is by far the most popular female pop group in Japan at the moment. They have a strict no-dating rule for the members, those who got caught could be demoted or even expelled. The practice might sound strange to westerners but pretty common for idol agencies in East Asia.

AKB48 sets record with Sakura no Ki ni Narou

Japanese female pop group AKB48 has set another record with their latest single Sakura no Ki ni Narou. Their first day sales of 655,344 copies is the highest ever since it’s formally recorded by Oricon.

AKB48 Sakura no Ki ni Narou

Their weekly sales of 942479 copies is their personal best, breaking the record of Beginner. It’s also the best record in Japan for 11 years.

What is AKB48?

Japanese pop group AKB48 has released an official English subbed video to introduce themselves to international audiences.

AKB48 is currently the most popular girl group in Japan.

AKB48 Beginner becomes million seller

Beginner, a single released by all-girl Japanese pop idol group AKB48 last October, has sold more than one million copies, music information provider Oricon Inc said Monday.

The song became the first million-seller single in Japan in three years and five months, since sales of Sen-no kaze-ni natte sung by tenor Masafumi Akikawa passed the one million mark in August 2007.