Stefanie Sun got married

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun got married with long term boyfriend Nadim van der Ros on Sunday. Congrats!

Stefanie Sun married Nadim van der Ros

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Stephanie Sun back with new album

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun will release It’s Time, her first album in four years, on March 1. A promo MV for the song Words from Heart is already released on February 23.

Paula Taylor wedding photos

Popular Thai actress-model Paula Taylor got married with Anglo-Chinese businessman Edward Buttery in Hong Kong earlier this month. The couple held their wedding party in Bangkok on December 22.

Paula Taylor wedding photo

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Reign of Assassins movie poster

Posters for Chinese movie Reign of Assassins, starring Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, Korean actor Jung Woo-sung and many other Asian stars.

Michelle Yeoh Reign of Assassins poster

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