Angela Chang’s family feud goes public

Taiwanese star Angela Chang’s 29th birthday has been marred by family feud. Chang’s parents and maternal grandmother, along with the star’s younger brother, Carson, and his female friend, known only as Flora, had a physical altercation on the street last Wednesday (Jan 19).

Angela Chang family feud

After a heated exchange of words, verbal sparring gave way to fisticuffs – Flora and Chang’s parents started hitting one another.

Flora ended up losing tufts of hair after Chang’s mother tugged on them, and suffered injuries on her chest during the fracas, while Chang’s mother went home with bruises on her chin and chest area.

Carson and the rest of the people involved were relatively unscathed. Both parties had since lodged police complaints against each other for assault.

News of a fallout between Chang and her mother over money issues made headlines in 2008 and the saga is recently brought up again.

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