Taiwanese stars avoiding military service

The Conscription Agency of Taiwan has named a number of male idols that have been suspected of avoiding military service. Officials only announced the stars’ surnames and their schools, but that was more than enough information to identify these individuals.

Ethan Ruan and Mike He

At the 2010 Enlistment Conference, male celebs “Ruan”, “He”, “Cheng”, “Ming” and “Dou” were accused of prolonging their studies in order to delay enlistment. The agency stated that it is a student’s right to study, and military service is an obligation. However, the right time to fulfill them still depends on each person’s situation. He frankly said many male stars would enroll in a new school right after they have gotten expelled from another. Some are even almost 30 years of age, yet they cannot be drafted due to their “student” status. As a result, the Conscription Agency will keep a close eye on these individuals to make sure they enlist once they out of school.

In the current crop of famous students, Bobby Dou and Ming Dao lead the way with over a decade of post secondary education. Bobby Dou’s manager revealed that he has actually alloted time for military service, and is currently waiting for his notification. Ming Dao’s company said he previously planned to enlist next year or the year after, but he has been busy with one project after another. Mike He’s manager responded that his client has yet to obtain enough credits to graduate; he still attends classes whenever he can. As for Golden Horse winner Ethan Ruan, his assistant said he plans to enlist in September or October of next year after completing two upcoming movies.

Taiwanese men (eligible to serve in the military) can continue their studies until December 31st of the year in which they turn 33. Regardless of the level of education, they must suspend their studies and enlist immediately; they are not exempt from military service until the age of 36.


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