Rain facing lawsuit

Korean pop star Rain and his agencies are being sued for committing fraud.

“Click”, the agency that organized Rain’s Hawaii concert (which was cancelled) has filed a lawsuit against the singer, his management agency and his world tour organizer.

According to Click’s spokesman, Rain (and other parties) announced the USA concert tour in order to push up their companies’ share market price and profit from it… Rain and his agencies have no real intention to perform in USA.

Click also claimed that Rain’s agencies have given false information to the Korean press and market, and have committed a few other cheats and frauds to make profit.

Rain has already cancelled 2 of his 5 scheduled USA concerts, and has postponed the other 3. He is facing similar problem in China as well, especially the troublesome Shanghai concert.

I won’t say that it was Rain’s fault, or that his agencies have committed any fraud… but his agencies are surely doing some lousy job and building a bad reputation for Rain in the West.

I hope the lawsuit will be settled fair and square; I doubt that Rain (and others) will sacrifice bigger prospect of successful concerts for the short term benefit from share market… this is probably an action taken by Click to seek compensation for the cancelled Hawaii’s concert, and rightly so.

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