Crazy Andy Lau’s fan caused family tragic

A fan of Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau has experienced an extreme up-and-down of her life… she just met her life-long idol, but only to lost her father three days later.

Yang Li-juan is a 28-year-old girl from China’s Gansu Province. She became a huge fan of Andy Lau 12 years ago and since then, the only thing she cares about in her life was to meet her Prince Charming someday.

She quit school, and spent day after day watching videos of Andy Lau’s concerts. She wrote letters to him, and traveled to Hong Kong for two times hoping she could meet the famous singer and actor.

Unfortunately, she got no response from him at all. Furthermore, her unrequited love has cost her parents almost everything.

Yang’s father, a retired middle school teacher earning a pension of 1900 yuan per month, was the one who supported the whole family. Her mother was unable to work for her poor health condition. They tried to persuade her out of the daydream in vain, hence the family has lived indebted. They even sold their only apartment for Yang’s travelling fee to Hong Kong to meet her idol.

Last week they came to Hong Kong for the 3rd time, and finally managed to see the super star on Sunday with the help of his fans’ association “Andy World Club.”

The girl was too happy to realize it was the last few days she could spend with her father. The old man jumped into the sea early Wednesday morning when his wife and daughter were still asleep in a fast food restaurant which opens 24 hours – they could not even afford a hotel room.

He was rescued by the coast guard, but died later in hospital. His last wish, expressed in a letter, was for the local government to take care of the rest of the family.

Andy Lau himself has yet to comment on the case.


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