Vicki Zhao joining all-star cast of Red Cliff

China actress Vicki Zhao Wei and veteran actor Zhang Fengyi have both confirmed to star in Hong Kong director John Woo’s epic wartime movie, The Battle of the Red Cliff.

China actress Vicki Zhao

Vicki Zhao will play Sun Shangxiang, the little sister of Sun Quan, the emperor of the Wu Kingdom. Despite only playing as supporting actor, Vicki said it’s an interesting character, offering her great space to develop her performance.

Zhang Fengyi has replaced Japanese actor Ken Watanabe to play the historical character of Cao Cao in the anticipated movie.

China actor Zhang Fengyi

John Woo has assembled an all-star cast for the big production. The 50-million-dollar film will star some of Asia’s most highly acclaimed actors, including Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung from Hong Kong, as well as Lin Chiling from Taiwan.

The movie will begin shooting next month in Hebei and is set to premiere in Olympic year, 2008.


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