Super Girl winner Shang Wenjie to end contract

China Supergirl 2006 winner Shang WenjieSuper Girl 2006 winner Shang Wenjie is sorting to end her contract with Tianyu, which holds the Super Girl’s contract by default.

Shang Wenjie didn’t reveal her reasons for leaving Tianyu, but it’s believed to be the ineffectiveness of the company for promoting her popularity and music career.

Shang Wenjie also didn’t mention her future plans, but it’s said that she could be retiring from music industry if she is not getting an offer from established recording company… that is IF she managed to break free from her current contract.

Shang Wenjie is not the first Super Girl to try ending her contract with Tianyu, there are a few Super Girl contestants that seek to end their contract. Other high profile cases include 2005 runner-up Zhou Bichang, who reportedly paid a RMB5 million (~USD600k) to cancel her contract.

Super Girl is China’s highest rated TV show, a singing contest similar to American Idol. It’s highly successful in 2005 where the winner Li Yuchun is gaining wide knowledge these days… the 2006 competition however didn’t receive the attention as it used to.

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