Bernice Liu back into TV acting

Canada born actress Bernice Liu is back to Hong Kong’s TV screen with after a year of hiatus from her acting career..

Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu

TV drama The Brink of Law has just started showing in Hong Kong on Jan 8. Bernice Liu is playing the leading actress alongside a strong cast of Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Michelle Yim, Kate Tsui and Shirley Yeung etc.

Hong Kong drama The Brink of Law

Bernice Liu is currently filming for another TV drama, The Entire City Dances, also starring Steven Ma and Kate Tsui, together with Fala Chen etc. Bernice and Steven Ma…

Hong Kong actors Bernice Liu and Steven Ma

Steven and Miss Hong Kong 2004 (now actress) Kate Tsui…

Hong Kong actors Steven Ma and Kate Tsui

Bernice and Fala Chen…

Hong Kong actresses Bernice Liu and Fala Chen

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