Makiyo elope with boyfriend

Makiyo and MiltonTaiwan’s popular Japan-born artist Makiyo has elope with boyfriend Milton on Christmas Eve.

Makiyo’s disappearance came as a surprise to her friends and family as there are no signs of her action before that. Makiyo might also need to pay compensations for her current unfinished jobs.

According to rumours the love relationship was strongly objected by Milton’s father, a media tycoon in Taiwan. Milton was asked to further his study in US, and Makiyo chose to elope with him.

There is also another saying that Makiyo was related in the recent heated celebrities’ drug scandal, but the police spokesman already denied that Makiyo is in the blacklist.

Makiyo’s disappearance had initially worried many people, but it’s said that she has contacted some of her close friends, that she’s ok.

There has been mix responses about her elope; some said that it’s irresponsible for Makiyo to abandon her contracts and fled, while some said that it’s touching for her to risk everything for love.

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